Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starting Term 4 Right

Week 2 of Term 4 is now over!

The good news is Becca and I both got 2 days of work this week, which means money in the bank! It's so relieving to be back at work and making money again, and so fun to be teaching again.

Monday and Tuesday we didn't work, so Becca decided that we should start a workout routine. I think it stemmed from me mentioning that I'd been entertaining the idea of going running. "Entertaining the idea" being the key words, in my opinion. But, we are going into summer, so maybe we'll lose some weight, get a tan, and make everyone jealous when we come home looking fabulous.

And so, on Tuesday, we went for a run. Now, I do need to put it out there that I'm not a runner. I've never been a runner. The running that I do consists of spurts of energy on the soccer field. But we were running. Since we're just starting out, we alternate walking and running, but at least it's somewhere to begin. We're only 4 days into the routine, but we'll be doing our best to keep it up.

Wednesday was our first day back to work. We were at one of the special schools, so it wasn't traditional teaching. It kind of felt like we were easing back into teaching. On Thursday, we were at separate schools. The school I was at was really cute and small. I was in a Prep class of only 15 kids, and it was a fairly good day. Friday we didn't have work, but I think that was mostly because a lot of teachers/schools were striking again. I won't pretend I understand how they strike here, because I sure as heck don't. But on Friday was a half-day strike where school was closed in the morning and then reopened around 12:30. At least that's what the school I was at on Thursday was doing. And it makes no sense to me. So, I'll be moving away from that topic...

I suppose there's nothing else to really say. We didn't do much else this week. We went down to the bank, I went to the QVM yesterday to get some fresh produce... yup that's about it.

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