Monday, October 15, 2012

The Sucky Week that Sucked

These are the words I use to describe last week.

Last week was the first week of Term 4, first week back to work. As it were, I wasn't really expecting much work. I'm sure most teachers are fully rested from their holidays, and they all probably want to get the next term all set up and going. As a teacher, I understand that. But I was hoping and praying for at least one day... at least!

But it wasn't to be. So everyday, we woke up before the sun, showered, had breakfast, etc. You know, did all the morning routine things. And then sat there for an hour while we waited for work that never came. It sucked. On Monday we both went back to bed, but I made a point of not napping anymore throughout the week because I knew I had to try and reset my sleeping schedule. That's not to say that I didn't climb into bed and watch TV, but I didn't sleep!

There was another thing that messed up my internal clock: the time change. The worst part was that we weren't expecting it, so it was so confusing when we woke up last Sunday and our electronic devices were a different time from our watches and microwave. So we had to Google it and realized that, as it's Spring, we had "sprung forward" and it was an hour later. So not only had we gotten used to staying up later and sleeping in, we now had to factor in the time change.

The time change also messes with my knowledge of the time at home. Before it was easy, being 14 hours apart. I just had to subtract 2 hours from my time and switch the AM and PM. But now I have to subtract 3 hours and apparently that's confusing. Especially since I'm so used to subtracting 2. To make matters even more messed up, when North America "falls back" in a couple weeks, and turns the time back an hour, we'll be 16 HOURS APART. And not only is that semi-confusing mathematically, but it complicates things in terms of chatting with those at home. Why is this not something I thought of beforehand?!? Ah well, we'll make it work.

Back to the fact that the week was sucky, we really didn't do much. It was like we had this extra week of holidays that we didn't know what to do with. We did some walking around downtown and did some groceries. But there was also a day that we literally didn't leave the house and it was fabulous.

So needless to say, I don't have much else to report from the week. It was boring and sucky and I'm not getting any money again next pay day. That basically sums it up.

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