Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Geeky Sunday

**WARNING: This post includes much fan-girling and general geeky behaviour. The majority of you won't understand what's going on.

Although my week sucked, I can't really say the same for the weekend. Saturday wasn't exciting; we mostly cleaned. But Sunday is a whole different story...

Early last week, I discovered something called ArmageddonExpo, which is basically a geek convention. It's like ComicCon, FanExpo, and so on. So I was checking out the website and what special guests were going to be there (actors mostly), and discovered something amazing.


And I'm sure no one who reads this blog will recognize this beautiful man, but he's an actor from this show we watch called Leverage. And in our fantastical geek world, he's also Becca's husband. So needless to say, she almost died of a heart attack when I told her. From that moment, we were committed to going.

There were a few other actors who were going that we were interested in seeing, too.

Karl Urban
Lord of the Rings, Star Trek

So as soon as we were 100% sure that Aldis was going to be there, thanks to Twitter, we bought our tickets. And we had a fantastic day!

First thing when we got there, we bought a ticket to get a photo taken with Aldis Hodge. That's the scam with these things: paying for an autograph, paying for a photo. It was $40 for a picture with him, and $35 for his autograph. The stupid thing is that they can do it because people will pay for it. We did. And so did a lot of other people. But I digress...

Once we bought our ticket, we were wandering and found the autograph area, and there were a bunch of people signing already, including Aldis. We had our fan-girl moment and freaked out a bit... a lot. And then we were creepy stalker chicks and stood there for way too long, just looking and watching, but trying to act like we weren't staring. I don't think we're that stealth, though. I tried to convince Becca to just go over and talk to him, but she was all like "I don't think I could. What would I say??"

Eventually we pulled ourselves away from being creepers and made our way over to the Main Stage where Mark Pellegrino was doing a panel.

He's been in a lot of TV shows, most notably as Jacob in Lost, as Lucifer in Supernatural, and as Bishop in Being Human. I've only seen Lost, but the other two are popular shows. Most recently, he's in the new show Revolution that Becca and I have been watching. He was really awesome to see talk. He was funny and laid back. I think my favourite part was hearing him talk about Lost and his character of Jacob. It was interesting to hear him talk about how he interpreted Jacob as a character, and how it changed as he got more scripts and learned more about him.

After that panel, we saw part of a panel that Christopher Heyerdahl did. I don't really know him from anything, but he's been in shows like Supernatural, Sanctuary, Stargate Atlantis, and True Blood. Becca's a fan of him, and he was fun to see as well. But we had to duck out early because we had to go get in line for a picture with Aldis. And this is what came of that:

He was so awesome to meet. And as soon as he saw Becca's t-shirt, he started singing the Batman song "Na na na na na na na na..." I think he liked her shirt! Ha ha. It was really just a pose-shoot-leave kind of situation, so that sucked, but after he was done he was doing a panel, so we saw him later.

We didn't have anything else to see, so we got ourselves set up in the room where Aldis was speaking and listened to Terry Malloy speak. Very few people will know what I'm talking about, but he played the Dalek Davros in Classic Doctor Who. So it was neat to hear him talk about playing that part.

And then it was Aldis' turn. He's actually such a sweetheart. He was asked which superpower he'd love to have and he said it'd be a tie between three: 1. to fly, because the flight from LA to Sydney was brutal; 2. to be able to heal, and use his DNA to create cures for diseases; and 3. to make money out of thin air, because there's too much poverty and he'd like to see that fixed.

Honestly, my heart melted when he said this. WHY ARE ALL PEOPLE NOT AS GOOD AND GENUINE LIKE ALDIS HODGE?!? For those who don't know much about him (i.e. 99.9% of you), he's a genius. He's 25 years old, he skipped high school because he's brilliant, he designs watches and started his own company, etc. I feel like I'm glorifying him, but did you see his answers?!?!?

But I'll move on... mostly he talked about Leverage and his character, Alec Hardison. And I discovered, he's SO MUCH like Hardison. So many of his little quirks and his humour is in Hardison, too. It's awesome how he's managed to impart some of himself into the character. A lot of his answers had to be censored, because people didn't want to hear any season 5 spoilers. But things like his favourite episode and his favourite Parker/Hardison moments came from 5x09, so he wasn't even really able to talk about it. Either way, it was a lot of fun and I'm so excited that we got to go and meet him and listen to him talk about Leverage and himself.

Basically, nothing could top Aldis's talk (Ha ha! But really), so we decided to head out afterwards. It was such an awesome day. I'm so happy that I found out about Armageddon Expo and that we were able to go! Definitely a day I'll remember.

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