Saturday, August 25, 2012

Smile for the Camera ^_^

I'm sorry for not posting anything recently, but since we've been settled into our place and started working, nothing exciting seems to be happening. Basically what's happened in the last week is:
- I worked 2 and a half days;
- We found the nearest grocery store and went twice;
- I built two bookshelves;
- We finished season 1 of Angel; and
- I got my first paycheck.
Okay, that last one is pretty exciting! Yay for getting paid!

Since nothing much has happened, I've been trying to think of what to write to you all at home. Then I realized I hadn't put any pictures up, yet! And so here are a few pictures of what we've seen so far. Most pictures were taken during our road trip down the coast.

Fair warning, there are quite a few pictures, so remember that they may take a little while to load. Just click "Read More" to see them. Enjoy!

All the suitcases lined up and ready to go!

The view of Sydney as we're flying in.

Just off the plane after 26 hours of traveling... and still looking good!

Our vehicle for the road trip down the coast. She was a beast!

One of our lunch stops. Juanita's favourite place to eat ha ha.

The town of Wollongong and the ocean from a lookout.

Coolest. Car. Ever.

Rolling hills and the ocean.

Kangaroos! Just hanging out on a golf course. No biggie.

Awesome Australian Coke can.

Clock tower in the town of Lakes Entrance. Yes, it really was 7:30am and we were out and about. Darn jet lag.

Don't forget, KEEP LEFT!

In the marina at Lakes Entrance, it's the Rebecca!

Cool trees.

Bottle Shop = Liquor Store.
And yes, it's a drive in.

Another adventure: flat tire! I helped change it: got all the bolts off.

Becca's excited to go see the penguins on Phillip Island.

Koalas hanging out in the trees.

Wallabies having a snack at the Koala Conservation Centre.

At the Penguin Parade, loving the warning signs. Didn't find one under our car, so weren't able to take any home.

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  1. drive in bottle shop, kangaroos, koalas...gee you<ve got it good :P