Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunny, Sandy Day!

Sunday was a fun day. We did get a bit of a late start because we had to do things around the house, but we got out to the beach like we wanted!

Brighton Beach is on the Bay side of Melbourne and easily accessible by the public train system here. Thank goodness! So we took the train down and walked the 5 minutes to the beach. It was really nice to take off our shoes and walk in the sand. We put our feet in the water, too, and it was cold! Definitely not swimming water yet, although some people were crazy enough to be in already. We walked along the beach and picked up a collection of shells.

It was a further walk down to get to the tourist spot: the brightly painted sheds along the beach.

I love how you can see the Melbourne skyline in the background. It's really a beautiful view. And of course, anything you can do for free is fantastic.

We walked along the beach and enjoyed the sun for a little while. We stopped at some of the huts for pictures, as well:

Hut #37 - it was our 37th day in Melbourne, so we took a picture to celebrate.

Hut #24 - Becca's age.

Hut #23 - My age.
I like my hut. It's GREEN! And red. But, GREEN!

And we both decided that we were glad we weren't 22 anymore, because that hut was old and looked like it was starting to fall apart......

Other exciting things we saw while at the beach:

A sun-bathing bird.

And a war memorial.

The memorial was erected after WWI, but there were also plaques that listed the names of all those from the area who had died in every war.

And then we headed back home! It was a nice afternoon. I hope we get back down there at some point. I think we may take Sarah if one of us is off and it's a nice day.

Speaking of Sarah, she's coming today!! She lands in about 4 and a half hours. Neither Becca nor I are working today, so we're going to meet her at the airport. I think it'll be nice to have us there waiting for her after such a long journey. I already mentioned our plans for the week with her. So be ready for lots of stories! Not sure if I'll have the chance to write them this week, but I promise you'll get them all, along with lots of pictures!

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