Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Busiest Week Yet!

Good news, friends and family......


Ok so it's good news for us. And maybe you in the long run, because I'll have LOTS to say in the coming weeks. However, first I have to recap the week we just had!

Since it was the last week of term, I wasn't expecting more than one day of work. I figured most teachers would be in school to tie up loose ends before sending the kids away for holiday. Becca had a job set up for Wednesday as of the Friday before, so at least she was guaranteed one day, if nothing else.

Well Monday came and I got a call for an Teaching Assistant position. Basically, that means I wasn't teaching, but I also wasn't getting paid as a teacher. But money is money. And we knew that two weeks of no work means two weeks of no incoming money, so of course I took the job. It was fun, I was working at a special school, Jackson, with students diagnosed with Autism and various behaviour problems. And I suppose they liked me, because they asked me to come back the next day, too! I was really happy to get called back, even though it was for less pay than teaching, because I wasn't expecting any other work. Also, I really like the school. I've been to another special school and it didn't seem as organized and devoted to academics. I hope I go back to Jackson, maybe as a teacher next time.

I got a call on Tuesday afternoon to teach 3/4 at Sydenham-Hillside, the school where I taught Gym a couple weeks ago. Back-to-back in-advance jobs AND it's the last week of term?!? Heck yeah! And then I had a really good day at S-H. Of course there were some difficult times, but the class was fairly good overall. It was nice that the kids knew me already from the last time I was there (I was in their class for one hour as a time-release). I think 3/4s are the best groups to teach around here. I've only had a few days in 3/4 classes, but they've been my best.

On Thursday, Becca and I worked at a more difficult school. The ANZUK rep that called me said it was more difficult, and then the principal introduced us to the school-wide behaviour management program, and these two things combined put a knot in my stomach. It may have been one of those moments where I was expecting it to be not-so-great, so it wasn't, but I really did my best to keep an open mind, as always. But it wasn't my favourite day. I was in a 1/2 class, and I had to send a kid down to the office (as per the behaviour management program). I hate doing it but I couldn't manage him anymore. The part that really ticked me off was when he came back about 30 minutes later and there was no change in his behaviour at all. I mean, what's the point of this program if half an hour in the office doesn't change anything? I feel like someone should've come to my class or at least spoken with me afterwards. They knew I was an emergency teacher, so where's the support? Oh well, it was the end of the day, and we figured it was our last day of work for the term. (It was.)

The week didn't end in a very exciting way. After the bad last day teaching, we spent Friday doing groceries and picking up random odds and ends that we had on our shopping list. Saturday was a bit more fun because we went down the the QVM and also went to the mall. It was a mini shopping-spree kind of day. (Very mini.) It's spring-time, so there's a lot of nice clothing on SALE. Today (Sunday) was laundry day and crafting day. So it was not fun, but also kind of fun. A weird mix.

Tomorrow officially starts our holiday, in my opinion. We're spending the week visiting various attractions around town that we haven't had the time to see yet. But I'm not telling you in advance where we're going, but be assured that it's all planned out and on the calendar. I recommend you check back, because I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to share, and probably a few pictures, too.

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