Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm off to Melbourne, Australia!

Yep, you read that right: Australia. This is actually a dream come true. Whenever I thought about traveling, I always thought: Man, would it ever be amazing to go to Australia! And here I go.

Not only am I going to Australia, I'm also going to be living there! Since I've finished school and graduated with my University degrees, I'm off into the world. You know, big girl job, and whatnot.

Well, looking for a big girl job has landed me on a plane to Australia. Melbourne, to be specific. I've been hired as a Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) (supply teacher, to us Canadian folk) with ANZUK Teachers, a company based in Alberta that sends Canadian teachers to the UK and Australia to teach! Like I mentioned, I'll be a CRT, which basically means I'll be working day-to-day. I'll get a call in the morning with a "Yes, you get to make money today!" or a "Nope, sorry. Maybe tomorrow." Either way, I'm going to be in friggen Australia!

I've started this blog more with the purpose of keeping my family and friends back in Canada updated on my life. Since I intend to do a lot more traveling, I've made this blog non-specific to Australia. I hope to fill it with my adventures; with my life.

I hope you're ready to take this journey with me.

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